Dispersing airport fog with a drone based system

On average one hour in fog costs airlines over $1.8M and impacts over 135,000 travelers. Airports also risk huge long term losses of customers (airlines) if repeated on a regular occurrence.
Limpidity is developing a hydroscopic solution to be dispersed over an airfield. The solution absorbs the water moisture, creating an instant visibility, and disrupting the difference between the dew point and temperature allowing visibility to be maintained for 20 minutes to 4 hours depending on location and fog density.

To be usable their solution had to be effective at creating visibility, environmentally friendly, airfield compliant, safe and affordable. They have passed the initial requirements for each of these and are now developing a dispersal system that will enable an air-to-ground dispersal that is controllable, safe, airfield compliant and would enable the solution to be dispersed over a wide area.

Limpidity’s entire solution would enable aircraft safe taxiing, take offs and landings which are currently achievable on a high scale through technology based solutions (i.e. CATI).

Limpidity provide airports with a turn-key solution to disperse fog, so airlines have the required visibility to operate and avoid the cost of delays and re-routes.